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H. H. Sheikh Marwan Bin
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Chairman / President
Saleh Ismail Ahmed Al Zarooni
Board Director
Saleh has worked closely with his highnesses private office for over two and a half decades. He orchestrated multiple business endeavors, planned financial services and its management in multiple businesses and philanthropy. His extensive diplomatic skills with extreme attention to detail has helped companies of all types maximize investments, cut spending, and increase efficiency. Strong knowledge of governing bylaws and how to implement company procedures. Successful motivator who brings a good attitude to every meeting.
Omar Ahmed
Board Director
Cogent minded, Omar has ensued and funded multiple successful projects conjoining Africa with the Gulf Arab countries with emphasis being on United Arab Emirates, elevating his status to being appointed Senior business advisor and African plenipotentiary for H.H. Sheikh Marwan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Private office. He has held positions in multiple companies in the gulf region and expanded businesses to Africa with his extensive network of investors and business moguls in both the private and public sectors. With multiple years of executive experience, Omar is also a GCC Ambassador for the Global Pan African movement. Recently, he is evolving more towards a comprehensive channel to carter for youth empowerment and environmental conscious endeavours. Notable achievements in finance, oil and gas, mining, construction, real estate and health.
Sanoj (OJ) Dhamindranath
CEO / Managing Director
Sanoj has over 20 years of progressive executive management experience. He oversees the execution of Ploutus’ mission, vision, and strategy for the group of companies. In addition to leading the overall financial and operational direction of the Group, he manages key client relationships and leads select endeavors in the areas of finance, construction and infrastructure, technology, oil and gas, renewable energy, mobile telecommunication, commodity trading, food distribution, consultancy services, mining, precious metals, health, travel and tourism.“OJ” has held superior operating roles in both private and publicly traded companies and has extended his business endeavors outside of the USA to the African & Asian continents and the Caribbean islands. OJ has developed a good network of investors, business leaders, attorneys, banks and technology partners to his network. He’s focused on impacting future generations by developing projects that impact lives, reduce poverty, and combat disease.
Luis Vega Jr
Director Special Projects
Luis has extensive experience in business development and sales. As an executive he has built and maintained critical relationships, obtained and managed billions of dollars worth of government and corporate security contracts in the US and abroad. With an MBA in International Business and an MPM from Regis University, he also sits on several intelligence boards across the spectrum of National security for the US and other nations. Luis has controlled multimillion-dollar annual budgets; efficiently selecting, negotiating and purchasing security/protection contracts for equipment and services; dealt with a wide range of vendors and obtained the best quality at the least cost. Apart from having served in the US military, he has also been a senior inspector and sheriff, has planned protection duties for multiple automobile and media companies and worked under several other intelligence agencies in the United States. Mr. Vega strives to aid clients in strengthening growth efforts in corporate and government security programs and to extend the knowledge of business ownership, risk, process, expert training instruction and facilitation.
Naveen Weerasena
Director Business Development
A high-impact professional leader with over 25 years of management experience, project management, business analysis, finance & budgeting, and multi-domain knowledge. He has years of experience in the information technology field such as IT infrastructure, data & VOIP networks, IT security systems, centralized & decentralized server management.
Naveen believes in building strong relationships with clients resulting in exceeding sales goals and receiving corporate recognition. Heaps of experience in dealing with high network individuals from different regions globally, executing apotheosis of investment deals under his pocket. With his data-driven and highly informed decision-making capabilities, he establishes strategic mutually beneficial partnerships.
Patricia Hajali
Director Operations
Patricia is a global leader in market negotiations and strategic planning. She has over 25 years of experience in business and has held diplomatic and governmental positions. She has worked closely with many presidents, ministers, and high-level government officials from different countries. Her commercial and diplomatic experience position her into a perfect balance where she is easily able to achieve effective and tangible results. Since living in Dubai she has been a leading negotiator in multi bi-lateral international agreements and is an experienced international Consultant in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin-America. She also has high experience in branding and marketing. Patricia’s mission is clear to her, to be able to touch and connect in a positive way as many lives as possible in the world creating a proactive change and growth, through her experience and her input, adding always to the greater good.
Aaron Amatu Baende
Senior Advisor Africa
With a growing continuous list of achievements, he has a plethora of success under his belt. Aaron has enormous connections with influential businesses, notable figures and personage in the public and private sectors of a number of countries in Africa. He is a conscientious businessman who has mastered in the copper, oil blocks, telecommunications, construction, agriculture, aviation, commercial brokerage and consultancy industries with a notable education in pharmacy. He has deep influence on putting together investment contracts and fervent negotiations that have greatly profited. Adept at developing connections with key business decision makers and turning business prospects into long term partners.

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