Why we’re the best in Angel Investment

Our commitment to visionary innovation, expert guidance, and a global network positions us as the unparalleled choice for those seeking to make a difference while maximizing returns.

Diversified Ventures

Opportunities tailored to multifaceted industries & entrepreneurial visions.

Simplified Approach

Effortless investment process through a streamlined approach

Transparency Model

Openness at every step with a trustworthy investment model.

Collaborative Capital

Seamless funding journey with a collaborative investment experience.

Easy 4 Step Process

Step 1

Submission Review

Step 2

Assessment Phase

Step 3

Pitch Evaluation

Step 4

Deal Finalization

Submission Review

Entrepreneurs interested in securing funding from Ploutus UAE can start by submitting a detailed application or pitch deck.


This document should outline key aspects of the business, including the mission, market opportunity, revenue model, and financial projections.

Assessment Phase

Ploutus UAE conducts an initial evaluation and due diligence process to assess the viability of the investment.


This involves a comprehensive analysis of the business model, market trends, competitive landscape, team qualifications, and financial health. The firm may also assess the scalability and growth potential of the startup.

Pitch Evaluation

Shortlisted entrepreneurs are invited to a pitch meeting where they present their business in detail. This stage involves a more in-depth discussion, allowing both parties to address questions and concerns and explore potential synergies.


It’s an opportunity for Ploutus UAE to gain a deeper understanding of the business and the entrepreneur’s vision.

Deal Finalization

If the pitch meeting is successful and there is mutual interest, Ploutus UAE issues a term sheet outlining the proposed terms and conditions of the investment.


This includes details such as the funding amount, valuation, equity stake, and any specific terms unique to the agreement. Negotiations take place, leading to the finalization of the investment agreement.

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