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We are an investment firm based in Dubai that supports early-stage startups and entrepreneurs by providing capital, mentorship, and strategic guidance in exchange for equity ownership.

Startups partnering with us gain access to not only financial support but also mentorship, industry expertise, and a network of strategic connections, propelling their growth and success.

We are interested in innovative startups across various industries, including but not limited to technology, healthcare, consumer products, and more.

Our hands-on approach distinguishes us. We go beyond providing capital, offering mentorship, industry insights, and a comprehensive support system to ensure the success of the startups we invest in.

Entrepreneurs can present their business plans or pitches to us. If there’s a mutual interest, negotiations follow, leading to a tailored investment agreement.

We assess factors such as the startup’s team, market potential, scalability, and unique value proposition to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

No, we are committed to fostering long-term partnerships. Beyond financial returns, we aim to contribute to the strategic growth and success of the startups we invest in.

Entrepreneurs can reach out through our website or participate in networking events, startup competitions, and industry conferences where we are actively involved.

While we are open to diverse opportunities, our primary interest lies in supporting startups with innovative solutions and high growth potential, across various industries.

In addition to financial support, we provide mentorship, access to industry networks, strategic guidance, and a supportive ecosystem to nurture the overall development of the startups we invest in.

We welcome collaboration with other investors and venture capitalists to create synergies and contribute to the growth of our portfolio companies.

Absolutely. We are open to exploring international opportunities and believe in the global potential of innovative startups.

We review potential investments regularly and encourage entrepreneurs to submit their proposals through our website for consideration.

Our proven track record, experienced team, and commitment to providing comprehensive support make us a trusted partner for startups seeking strategic investments.

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